Why is UVC LED ultraviolet sterilization so popular and what are the advantages?

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Traditional methods of water disinfection include chlorination, ozone disinfection and mercury lamp disinfection. Chlorination disinfection refers to the purpose of DAO disinfection by adding chlorine to water, which is generally used in water plants. Chlorine is usually evaporated by heating, but water will inevitably produce residual chlorine, which is related to the higher incidence of esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer and prostate cancer.

Ozone sterilization: At room temperature, ozone gas is a kind of lavender, which is a special smelly gas. With the decrease of temperature and the increase of solubility, it has a strong sterilization method. However, when the concentration is too high, the decomposition time of ozone is prolonged, and the odor of incompletely decomposed ozone is very strong, causing great harm to the human respiratory tract, nervous system and immune system.

Mercury lamp sterilization: Mercury lamp sterilization is now more widely used. However, mercury has a highly toxic effect, and if it is not controlled, it will cause serious consequences, such as water morbidity in Japan in the 20th century. So many countries have signed the "Water AM Convention", requiring the abolition of mercury lamps by 2020.

In contrast, UVC-LED deep ultraviolet sterilization can quickly start sterilization by ultraviolet radiation, and achieve overflow sterilization without the possibility of secondary pollution. Therefore, its advantages are environmental protection, high efficiency, and no safety hazards. It is very convenient to apply it to the field of water sterilization, such as sterilizing faucets.

uvc ultraviolet lamp

Water treatment

uvc ultraviolet lamp

Air purification

uvc ultraviolet lamp

Surface purification

Compared with traditional sterilization, UVC-LED belongs to green disinfection. Compared with boiling water disinfection, it has no irritating smell and no chemical residues. Take the Supreme Smart UV disinfection handheld device as an example, it uses Self-developed UVC chip for disinfection, UVC disinfection with an average light intensity of up to 10mW/cM², can inactivate viruses and bacteria, compact and lightweight, suitable for small space operations and object sterilization, trigger switch, infrared induction human body automatic shutdown, built-in raas system , The results can be traced, and the service is visualized.

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