led monitoring high-power white light fill light CA1

LED monitor white light fill light adopts PMMA polymer optical lens, the light transmittance is up to 95%, lightning protection, rainproof, anticorrosion, and antifreeze. Imported light source. Beam angle: 60o Waterproof rating: IP67 Product model: CA1

Functional material:

1. Imported light source

2. PG waterproof head

3. Using PMMA polymer optical lens, the light transmittance is as high as 95%

◇CA1 white light fill light parameters

◇Model: CA1

◇Rated voltage: AC200-240V~50/60Hz

◇Rated power: 16W

◇Correlated color temperature: 6000K

◇Light source brand: imported light source

◇Number of light sources: 16

◇Light source life: 5000H

◇Lighting angle: default 60° (12°/ 30°/ 45°/60° optional)

◇Waterproof rating: IP67

◇Material: die-cast aluminum; high temperature tempered glass

◇Drive power: built-in waterproof power

◇Working environment temperature: -30℃~+80℃

◇Product weight: 1.25kg

◇Product size: 168mm*157mm*55mm

◇Power cord length: 30MM (default)

◇Working environment humidity: 10%~90%

◇Shell color: black

◇Mounting bracket: Universal U-shaped bracket

◇Product features: anti-fogging, circuit protection, anti-surge lightning, with over-voltage and over-temperature protection

◇Application scenarios: Smart safe cities, schools, parking lots, airports, high-speed rail stations, barriers, high-speed bayonet, vehicle identification

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