Infrared beauty lamp led P3

Surveillance infrared + red light beauty fill light Product model: P3 Lens: Japan Mitsubishi optical lens Correlated color temperature: 850NM (8PCS) 640NM (8PCS) Rated power: 32W Beam angle: default 24° Rated voltage: AC100-265V


The light source adopts imported high-power single 3W

Beauty infrared fill light, infrared physiotherapy fill light

Lens: Mitsubishi Optical Lens

Product model: P3

Monitoring infrared + red light beauty fill light P3 parameters

◇Product model: P3

◇Rated voltage: AC100-265V

◇Rated power: 32W

◇Related Hue: 850NM (8PCS) 640NM (8PCS)

◇Light source brand: imported OSRAM light source

◇Number of light sources: 16 (high-power 3W light source)

◇Light source life: 5000H

◇Lighting angle: default 24°

◇Interface: E27

◇Material: car aluminum

◇Lens: Mitsubishi Optical Lens

◇Working environment temperature: -30℃~+80℃

◇Heat dissipation: aluminum + built-in fan

◇Product size: 95mm*120mm

◇Drive power: built-in constant current power supply

◇Working environment humidity: 10%~90%

◇Shell color: white

◇Packing: neutral packaging

◇Product features: imported high-power single 3W light source

◇Application scenarios: cosmetic infrared light supplement light, infrared physiotherapy light supplement light

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