LED red light infrared light physiotherapy lamp manufacturer source of near-infrared irradiation light beauty physiotherapy lamp

Product parameters:◇Product name: Red light infrared phototherapy lamp◇Model: U400 U800 U1200◇Appearance size: (U400) 238*354*50 (U800) 238*673*50 (U1200) 238*992*50◇Input voltage: 100-240V AC◇Frequen

Product parameters:

◇Product name: Red light infrared phototherapy lamp

◇Model: U400 U800 U1200

◇Appearance size: (U400) 238*354*50 (U800) 238*673*50 (U1200) 238*992*50

◇Input voltage: 100-240V AC

◇Frequency: 50/60Hz

◇Light intensity:> 100mW /cm²

◇Wavelength: 850: 660 or customized

◇Net weight: (U400) 2.3KG (U800) 4.0KG (U1200) 5.5KG

◇Material: cold rolled plate

◇Optical power: 400W 800W 1200W

◇Light source: imported light source single 5W (U400) 77 (U800) 154 (U1200) 231

◇Package includes: 1 lamp + 2 pairs of steel wire hanging wire + 1 wire with plug + 1 door hook + eye protection

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